Blogging. Really?

Blogging is for sissies.  Blogging, unless you’re someone whom others would really give a damn about reading, is a pointless effort.  In fact, I personally don’t give a damn what the “so-called expert” bloggers have to say.  So why would I imagine that anyone would give a damn about reading my obscure thoughts?  Nonetheless, here I sit.  Blogging for God’s sake.  Blogging.  Really?


~ by William Maloney on January 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “Blogging. Really?”

  1. How did I miss this one!!!


  2. LOL, and here I sit reading your blog too!


  3. Aww, Bill. Welcome to our club of dorks. Miss you, buddy!


    • Cynthia! Cynthia! Can you hear me? I figured since we are mere blocks apart I’d just holla back atcha. How have we gone almost 3 years living so close and not found the time to see each other? For shame. Well, if you subscribe to this insanity we can stay connected a little here until your kids have a birthday and you invite me over for cake 🙂 Send me the link to your blog again. Haven’t seen it in awhile (I used to get e-mail updates). Say hello to Brandon for me. Thanks for checking out my blog.


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