Tongue in Cheek

OK, so my first post may have scared some of you away.  You may have thought, “This guy is a real jerk.”  Or wondered, “What’s this guy so angry about?”  Not to worry.  Be it once, hereby officially known to all that I am rarely serious when I write.  My sense of humor would be best described as dark, maybe twisted.  But definitely dark.   Conversely, I am a deep thinker with a soft heart.  In “life”, I care way too much about mine and others’ feelings.  I try hard not to be judgmental, harsh, hateful or impatient.  As a writer, I feel I have the freedom to pen my way free of reality and all its constraints on creativity.  On paper, all bets are off.  On paper, I remain an enigma.  So, step aside you feeble beings.  Out of my way as I plow the fields of the fertile mind, pushing the limits of decorum, even decency.  Out of my way I say!  Please?


~ by William Maloney on February 3, 2010.

8 Responses to “Tongue in Cheek”

  1. I like the format, calm and serene for the reader while “out of the blue” will come “the rambling thoughts of a mad man.”

    Those of us who are struggling with wordpress give you a hearty “Here, Here!!” Those of us who are big Saints fans will simply say, “Who Dat!”

    Ready to read your next post.


  2. On paper all bets are off! I like it!!!
    WHO DAT?


    • Thanks, Beth. Who dat indeed??? Go Saints (even though I am a Cowboys fan, I am a native Louisianian and lived in Nawlins for a semester while attending Tulane)!


  3. Blogging really? I like that, because it’s exactly how I felt. I love your humor and your writing is excellent. I hope you stick with it because I can tell you have some interesting things to say, plus I think I’ll be in for a laugh or two. 🙂

    Glad to see another cowboy fan. It’s kind of sacrilegious to admit it, amongst the Who Dat Nation, but I’ll always be a cowboy fan first. 🙂


  4. I say let the dark and twisted sense of humor free.. I love it. I’m looking forward to some of your “unleashed” blog entries!


  5. William, Randy is a die hard Cowboy fan, too, so you and Monica are in good company!!


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