random saturday morning thoughts…

I won’t guarantee this blog will be updated daily. It probably won’t, but it may. I’m generally stretched pretty thin, but will try. Had a tiny chunk of time this morning, and decided to add a few “sketches” from a few months ago. Here they are, in no particular order, for no particular reason, on this particular Saturday morning:


I am spreading my writing wings. I am literally throwing these entries down, brain to pen. If someone is amused, is moved to feel or think something which brings positive change and light to their lives, awesome…..score! But, in the meantime, please accept this one-time-only and sincere invite to jump in with a critique, comment, question, etc. I have thick skin, broad shoulders, blah, blah. I cherish this open forum where I can step out. If I get feedback, responses, kudos it’s definitely the icing at the top of my otherwise moist, delicious cake (oh, my).



Staring at a blank page, sometimes for what seems like hours opens portals to the mind otherwise unreachable. The vastness of possibility, promise, and mystery beckons the transference of thought to pen unyielding to earthly constraints. The fraternity is elite which permits the passage of recognizable genius. The aggregate strokes of the pen eventually reveal failure to capture the unbounded energy and brilliance of thought; and yet, many have inspired us, blessed us, touched us. To me, the ultimate prison is a dry pen.


Spinning through the universe, friction-free at light speed; yet noticing the subtle nuances of each moment. The torture seems inhumane, untenable. Grasping with prehensile intellect, the profane nature of myriad creatures scores the journey. The mercilessly clanging metronome of existence punishes the otherwise unbridled spirit, forcing submission. And yet, the universe beckons endlessly, taunting the feeble few beyond mediocrity. Registering the flight plan, the continuance of the path at once certain and inevitable, inevitably uncertain.

Ah, the blank canvas. Welcome, thoughts.
Eloquence, yield! The stream of conscious creates beauty beyond mere paint strokes. As we are bathed in the realization that we are all mirrors of one another, we move through our journeys strengthened by one another, ourselves.
The icy, treacherous path of yesterday blends seamlessly into the lush, warm, green comforting lane of which today we stroll effortlessly unencumbered by the burdens once known; the burdens of which now securely lie interwoven as the foundation strong and secure beneath us.
Breathe. Breathe, remember to breathe. The breath of life supports us:
One another, ourselves.
Interwoven, strong.


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~ by William Maloney on February 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “random saturday morning thoughts…”

  1. I am inevitably certain that you will continue to amaze…


    • Sharon, thanks for stopping by and for your kind, supportive words. If you want to keep up with this insanity you can subscribe by clicking the “sign me up” button over in the sidebar. I enjoyed the day Friday, and look forward to some HH like we had in the good old days! Hope you had a good rest of the weekend. Go see Blind Side if you haven’t already, it’s a pretty nice little flick.


  2. I did not realize the depths of your thoughts and your ability to write. Why hadn’t you shown me that side of you during our co-treatments back in the day?


  3. These would make great free verse poems :).


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