The world from Vancouver

I love art.
I love sports.
I love competence.
I love world-class mastery of one’s chosen craft.
I love the science and form of the human body as it powerfully encompasses all the above in sports’ many manifestations. Put me in the stadium, arena, field, auditorium, court of just about any sport and for me the experience is strangely akin to being in a theater, opera house, or museum.

I love global vision, global networking, and global goodwill, all of which are in the microcosmic amalgamation of art, sport, and science of that which we call the Olympics. I like all the winter olympic events (well, OK curling….really????) and experience a special, almost magical sense of connectedness to the world for a few weeks during the games. But my personal winter olympic favorites include all the downhill skiing events, and ski jumping.

The tragic and heartbreaking loss of a young luge athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvili, just hours before commencement of the opening ceremonies reminds us of the fragile nature of our humanity. But the larger lesson points to the strength of the human spirit especially when shared globally as with the Olympic games.

I love the Olympics. It’s my hope that this year as you enjoy the games of the XXI Winter Olympics from Vancouver that you’ll join me in embracing thoughts and actions of peace and goodwill given us by this event.


~ by William Maloney on February 13, 2010.

10 Responses to “The world from Vancouver”

  1. I am looking forward to reading your blog, Bill. This is cool!


    • Megan, stay tuned. You know us Occupational Therapists all think alike: adaptive, creative, and enthusiastic problem solvers….so you may find some things of interest here when you are bored and have nothing else to read, LOL! I very much appreciate you taking the time to stop by.


  2. Opening night of the Olympics was wonderful to see. I especially liked the native peoples’ dances. I might have been an Indian in an earlier life. Truly.

    You have such a excellent command of the Queen’s English. I am never disappointed by your writing and your sensitivity.


  3. And thank you for the beautiful view of Vancouver. I want to go there someday.


  4. Dude! I didn’t know you had all this in you! I’m really digging it! I’m going to add you to my google reader for sure!

    Thank you for sharing these little bits and pieces of you. I’m enjoying it immensely!


    • Hey there cousin! I hope you enjoy taking a peek inside the side of my brain that doesn’t control the tailgating, beer drinking banshee Cowboy’s fan that you know. Hope you’re having a nice weekend.


  5. Liam I particularly enjoy watching curling. Besides that I really enjoyed reading your blogs. I have subscribed and I look forward to reading future postings.


  6. I completely agree about the majestic nature of most competitive sports, however I do wonder who decided to put shuffel board on ice, and who made it an Olympic event.


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