Bridge over troubled waters

Rolling Stone magazine ran a feature story this month on one of my favorite actors, Jeff Bridges. He’s starring in Crazy Heart which began in limited release late last year, and now gaining momentum heading into awards season. This is not “Bill’s review of Crazy Heart” since I’ve not yet seen it, nor am I a movie reviewer. There are a plethora of blogs for that. No, in “typical over-thinker and ultra-analytical Bill mode” a few quotes from the interview caused me pause, reflect deeply, then move immediately into reassurance that I’m not insane. These are excerpts which at any given moment in life could, and have come from the minds of you and I. But today, I am sharing them from the mind of one of my favorites, Jeff Bridges.

Bridges: “The movies that I’m attracted to are the stories that resonate with me most. The downside of that is, are you going to be able to pull it off? You can say that about anything you care about. So right along with caring comes loss. The thing is to be able to have those feelings and do it anyway.”

What have you done in life of which you are proudest? What have you done of consequence? What have you done of lasting significance? What have you done that initially scared you shitless, but your forged ahead and handled anyway (that’s my personal favorite by the way)? And, finally what have you cherished most and lost? How did you find the inner strength to move forward, or was it strength from another, or both?

Bridges:“So, you’re 60, you have all these wonderful things. Now what are you going to do?” “If my impulse is to do this, that I love – now’s the time. Are you going to be able? ‘Cause you’re a lazy fuck too. All of those self doubts.”

Right on, Jeff. You read my mind. Well, actually I read yours. At this point in life, I continue to embrace my youthful spirit, dream big dreams, and set big goals. I am aware of my human condition. A condition which mandates at some point physical and potentially mental frailty as the calendar goes deep. And, for me personally being a “lazy fuck.” But today I am strong. That’s what I have, that’s what I know. Today, I’m going to “have those feelings and do it anyway“! Tomorrow?

References: Rolling Stone magazine, issue 1098, Feb. 18, 2010, pp. 40, 41;
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~ by William Maloney on February 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Bridge over troubled waters”

  1. We are what we THINK – so I urge you not to succumb to your inclination think you are old. You have so many years ahead of you.

    Dream Big! Embrace your youthful self! I, too, am a lazy fuck, but I’m busy!!!!!!!


  2. “Crazy Heart” is a great movie, in part because it is filmed in New Mexico primarily in Santa Fe. The vistas are beautiful. One scene is at the Santa Fe Opera and breathtaking.

    Bill, one thing I like about your writing is I never quite know where I am “going or being taken” when I start reading one of your new blogs. Your thoughts are fresh, make me think, and always leave me waiting for the next post. Boring you are not. Inspiring you are.


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