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January 10, 2010 the Liamania blog was born. Here it is, five weeks later amidst the blog wasteland. I don’t post current events. If you’ve got a pulse, eyes, ears and at least a semi-functioning cerebrum, you’re getting the current events real time…..who gives a damn about my thoughts on current events? Now, for grins let’s say I’m Taylor Lauter, Matthew Fox, or George Clooney you’d be all over this. What kind of @#$* is that people? But I digress. This blog won’t be where you come to learn new technology tips and tricks, read reviews on newfangled gadgets you’ve overspent on, or who’s wearing who/what at the Academy Awards. It’s not newsy, necessarily functionally intellectual, nor politically or socially relevant. But get in here and get some of this, people! You don’t yet know this, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: this blog has mystical powers. Yep. Read it often, subscribe, follow me. Your skin becomes flawless and smooth, your hair thicker and silkier, your abs ripped! Think I’m joking? Read this blog for a month, and if you’re not completely satisfied with your striking physical transformation, I’ll refund your money. All of it.

Disclaimer: This blog has no mystical powers, actually. And, it may in fact make you uglier. Lastly, if you actually did pay for it I wanna know how so I can charge you more.


~ by William Maloney on February 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “blogesphere fluff”

  1. I won’t need a Cessna for this ride. Seat belt buckled, lap tray up, I am ready!!


  2. love your style of writing…..always very interesting, waiting for more, keep it coming!


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