Spirit recycled?

Those of you who know me, know of my love for blues music. There is no doubt that I could be suspended in a perpetual state of bliss while listening to SRV, BB King, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Santana, and on and on. Blues music cleanses my soul and my psyche. I love all music, all genres. Music is a pure expression of life’s energy manifested melodically. But, give me blues or give me death (OK, please forgive me Mr. Patrick Henry for bastardizing your famous patriotic quote). Recently, while traveling between my patients on a day much the same as any other, I had a little time to spare and decided to stop by Stevie Ray Vaughn’s final resting place right here in Dallas. I’d been once before, alone, and witnessed what was for me an understated memorial to, in my opinion, one of the greatest blues musicians of all time. There we were, me and Stevie Ray. Obviously all that existed on that plot of ground was the memory, and spirit of SRV. I sat, listened to “Lenny” on my ipod and wept openly. I tried to sing along, feeling a little self-conscious that Stevie could be rolling over in there wishing for this poser to “get the hell off his property” and shut the hell up. But, trusting in the sanctity of the moment and Stevie’s understanding of my exquisite fanhood, I sang and wept, sang and wept. The cruelty of life sometimes seems unbearable. Here was one of our most prolific and accomplished artists resting as a young man in the earth, instead of walking amongst us, inspiring us to feel joy, inspiration and mostly hope. However, the law of conservation of energy proposes that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just modifies or “recycles” its manifestation. I want to believe that Stevie Ray’s energy has been transposed to either another artist or the aggregate talents of so many contemporary musicians. I want to believe because still, twenty years later, I find Stevie Ray’s passing difficult to accept, perhaps I still have issues with “letting go” or I just plain haven’t found another contemporary artist whose music strikes me so deeply.


~ by William Maloney on February 24, 2010.

7 Responses to “Spirit recycled?”

  1. I’m sure every fan feels just as you do when visiting SRV’s grave although I am certain no one could write the experience better than you do. I enjoy your reading your posts and I always learn something new. I feel like I am on a journey and I like it.


  2. Amen brother, I just whish I was around to see him play.


  3. I agree with Carole. You have an amazing ability to write. I bet you can write poetry and stories. I can write research papers. Big frickin’ deal. You have a gift. My husband and oldest son have the gift too. And I’m thinking my 2 younger sons are going to have it based on what I’ve observed. What is this? A guy thing? Even my ex-husband could write poetry and he made crappy grades in school! Well too bad for me.
    Seriously, I miss SRV too. If I went to his grave I would cry. I guess that would be recycled energy? Musicians/artists of yesteryear had more substance (and talent-oops!). OK I know that’s not entirely true. I think, for me, part of it is a longing for something that I’m afraid I’ll never have or experience again.


    • Megan,
      You are a true blessing. I enjoyed our chat today…more than you can know. I feel so fortunate to have friends like you. We need to meet for a drink soon!


  4. Wow – great blog and tribute to SRV – love reading your blogs. I, too enjoy me some SRV….Keep it coming, great writing 🙂


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