Been ridiculously absent from this project. Lacking in both time and inspiration, two essential elements for my writing. It doesn’t help, I suppose, that this blog has no real purpose which drives me to make time for it. There are a few of you friends who lovingly encourage me to write, and who tell me you enjoy my writing.

Well, thanks.


A big part of what motivates me in this life is bringing a little joy, love, and inspiration to others. I suppose that should be sufficient to motivate me, but at the end of the day here we are…what, a month or so since I’ve written. Stick around, be patient.

The oppressive force of depression has limited my creativity lately. I’m actively working on myself, trusting in my inner strength and the able assistance of a good therapist to facilitate my journey back to unencumbered thought and emotion.

And, as always, there’s tennis which has been consistently in my life for the past 36 years. What would I have done/been without that powerful influence? I’ve met celebrities, had the thrill of playing with world-class touring pros, and enjoyed lifelong relationships which began with tennis, and have sustained those friendships to this day.

So, for now I work on my heart and head through therapy, work on my body through tennis and other exercise modalities, and keep the faith that my willingness to love and be loved will sustain me. I suppose there’s really nothing more I can ask.

Back soon…….


~ by William Maloney on May 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “absence”

  1. At last…..

    So glad to see you writing again. I missed your posts.


  2. I do enjoy reading the pieces of you shared through this blog, and through the many years. (stop focusing on the word many, I know you are)

    Also, remember that I’m here if you need an ear and there if you need a hand. I can’t tell you how to make your journey, but I can listen to its many tales and do my best to insert both well timed and sometimes inappropriate humor where needed.

    So, in the interest of transformational journies and self realizations, let’s go play some tennis, my big ass needs it.


    • Jason, you kill. The rackets were in the trunk, which as you saw got demolished. So I’m going by the collision center later today to see if they survived the impact. Worst case scenario, they’re smashed (sadly, wouldn’t be the first rackets of mine which have been smashed —ok, so yes, I was a fiery Irish boy earlier in my playing history). But, that’s why we have sporting goods stores, yes? And, thank you for your comments and thoughts. See you this weekend.


  3. Relieved I am indeed!! I enjoy your posts and miss them when they aren’t there. I did see your video of the fun ride home, the quickest ride home you said, posted on the home page. I like that video…makes me happy!!!


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