The cut from the knife of betrayal of a friend is the deepest.

As I rounded the corner of my block, the brilliant colors painted across the sky instantly awakened familiar moments of transitions in my life. Life, for me, I truly feel is in transition. I suspect that if I live to be 100 I shall always feel a sense of transition and journey. This life is about evolution. As one chapter completes, the next is seamlessly penned. For some whom I’ve had the honor of knowing, theirs was a short story. Others, a tale describing a rich and epic adventure brilliantly written.

The beauty of this existence is the promise of each new awakening, rich with possibility and hope. If you’re fortunate, you’ll deeply and meaningfully connect with a few others. And for those even fewer fortunate souls, there’s a deep and meaningful connection with oneself.


~ by William Maloney on May 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “transitions”

  1. Your writing is powerful as are the pictures you use to illustrate. I sense a change in your writing style, reminding me of a powerful serve…on the mark and winning. Glad to see you writing again. Will wait for more.


  2. After 9 months in northern Iraq and a stomach infection I thought was going to end me, this sure puts meaning and perspective to my own journey – one almost against my will. But, meaningful growth comes from those life altering choices – both good ones and bad ones.
    If, in the end, my story is indeed short, I have no fear (though a few regrets). Those I have loved and still love have made it an exuberant story – regardless of length.
    I’m sure proud you’re my brother… Angels on your shoulders.


  3. May your journey home be quick and safe. Angels on your shoulders, young man.


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