Checking back in

I suppose it’s a genuine lack of time, lack of time management skill to make time, lack of inspiration, dry pen, I don’t know. It’s not for lack of crazy thoughts in my head, lack of strong opinion on the happenings of the day, lack of rage against the machine. Something’s kept me away from this. After a ridiculously long hiatus, here I am.

Today’s crazy thought, which is a recurring theme for me: What if we actually paid attention to driving our cars? Put down our Big Macs? Put down our Starbucks beverages? Put down our effing cell phones? Reckon that would help the flow of traffic here in this God-forsaken wasteland of concrete here in DFW? Let me help you……YES! Yes, it would!

I wish to hell it was socially acceptable to bumper car the idiot next to me holding a cell phone in his face, texting, surfing the web, looking at porn, whatever the hell he/she is making more important that doing what we’re supposed to be doing when sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. I’d do it. I would. Really. Well, OK maybe not. I like my car, and my driving style and habits reflect that.

Bet you our commute would be hassle-free tomorrow if our cell phones were mystically disabled when our asses hit the driver’s seat. Of course, there’s no way to test this out. But you know I’m right. And you know who you are, you text-while-you-drive a-holes.

So, I’m putting it out there to the Universe. Please disable ALL the cell phones of drivers in the DFW metroplex tomorrow. Just for one day. I’m asking nicely. Please don’t make me beg.


~ by William Maloney on February 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “Checking back in”

  1. Dude, I think u need to find a kickboxing class and unleash some of that anger! Careful, next topic will be road rage:) I love u, Bill:)


    • No worries, Moni. Just having a little fun and letting off steam. Since I drive a company vehicle, I have to keep a lid on it anyway. This is the same old song, different verse…..I remember driving on 85 and 285 in ATL back in the day, it was horrible as well. Really, doesn’t matter which city, which highway, traffic is traffic and less-than-competent drivers will be there sharing the road. Hope you and the boys are all well. Thanks for reading and responding. Love you too, and miss you!


  2. You need to give Jason a what-for on this. He does stuff on his phone all the time while he drives and it infuriates me! Glad you are updating again. =)


    • Jenn, thanks for reading, and the reply. Good luck with changing Jason’s bad habits! Thankfully, his good habits far outweigh the not-so-good……um, right? Since y’all are sharing a car….your car….your rules! Hope we can meet up this weekend.


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