Mac attack

Finally went to the dark side and bought a Macbook Pro.  Thinking that maybe with a little more firepower, I’d blog more regularly (assuming that accessibility is actually the problem here).  My first entry, a few years ago made mention of the fact that I felt that, for me, blogging was a waste of time since I thought it was pointless.  My blog has no real “purpose” other than some outlet for my crazy thoughts.  But, if I’m gonna do this, I’ll do it irrespective of the purpose, or lack thereof.  I really enjoy the blogs I follow in that there’s a “theme” a point, a purpose.  For example:  chronicalling a college journey; updating exotic travel adventures; journaling through end-stage life issues.  Then, there’s “rambling thoughts of a mad man”.  That’s me.  

At some point, maybe I’ll have a real purpose for blogging, but for now it’s just release.  If you follow my blog are reading today, “Hi, hope you’re having a wonderful Monday.”  And, here’s an amusing (for you) story.  Because for me, it was truly traumatizing and humiliating to the highest degree.

I signed up for my first “One to one” at the Apple store.  I arrived for my appointment, and was greeted by my trainer, a middle-aged woman with a new employee (a bright-eyed twenty-something fellow) shadowing.  We dove in.  I was learning a few new tips and tricks that I hadn’t been using as a lifelong PC user, and having a great time getting my learn on in the stimulating atmosphere of the Apple store:  pretty people with lots of disposable income, shopping for bright, shiny new things.  I was feeling really good about myself, an older dude (not of the advanced technology generation), with a new toy.

Then, good lord it all went south when I opened my browser history near the end of the session.  Sandwiched between that poor, middle-aged nice lady teaching her ass off so professionally, and that innocent looking young guy, there I was with my browser history shamelessly displaying the many porn websites I’d visited (and yeah, bookmarked).  And no, the history titles weren’t at all subtle.  My stomach instantly knotted up, and a wonderful sinking feeling overcame me.  Bless her, she didn’t miss a beat, and homeboy sitting to my left never even flinched.  If you’d put a blow torch to my face I couldn’t have felt any hotter.  

Note to self:  Delete browser history, and edit bookmarked porn site names prior to opening your laptop in public.  I’m not sure I can go back into that particular Apple store for more One to One training (for which I’ve prepaid) with a straight face.  Too bad it’s the closest to my house.  



~ by William Maloney on May 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “Mac attack”

  1. I think there are two very important lessons to take away from this experience:
    1: always clear web history and cookies if you don’t want your secrets to become public domain.
    2: and most interestingly, if a middle aged woman didn’t flinch, and a teen doesn’t blush or nervously chuckle, you aren’t looking at anything too crazy. I’d recommend adding some off the most horrifyingly named sites to your bookmarks before going next time, in order to see who will break first. Better to make your own entertainment than to stew in embarrassment.

    BTW: oober jealous you beat me to the Mac family. Well played sir.


    • Thanks, Jason. Too funny. No doubt you’ll be right behind me in joining the mac family I could use some video editing pointers from you, sir. Hope you’re having a great day!


  2. OMG! Thanks for the best laugh mike and I have had in weeks! ! We laughed our A-s off 🙂


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