Hi, my name is William Maloney. Most folks know me as “Bill.” An Irish professor of English, who shared my name, affectionately dubbed me “Liam” since that’s the Irish nickname for William (yes, I’m as Irish as they come). I like that, but found it a hard sell to get my friends and family to transition from “Bill” to “Liam.” So I decided to merge it into my blog name. I am a practicing Occupational Therapist living in a northern suburb of Dallas, TX. I work as a therapist full-time, and write very part-time. My genuine passions in life, not necessarily in this order: My boxer, Bozlee; tennis; and writing. Some of my other interests include Dallas Cowboys football, reading, traveling, social networking, theater, independent films, flying, visual and performing arts. I am loyal, lovable, obsessive, intelligent, determined, driven. I embrace life, all of it. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by.

Note: All entries posted on this site are original thoughts of, and copyrighted to William Maloney.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. About this recycling….Do you spend as much time and effort as I do recycling? I consider recycling my unpaid part-time job. Except for the great feeling that I am doing my part to keep the earth green, I’m exhausted. I can’t leave a tiny scrap of paper out of the recycle bin. I do mean every tiny scrap. I’m obsessed. HELP!!


    • Carole, you cracked me up! Yes, I am as obsessive about recycling as you. Thankfully, we have an easy recycling program here in McKinney, so it’s basically effortless.


  2. I’m glad I read this “about” section… I saw your blog title as “lia-mania” and assumed “lia” was gangsta’ talk for liar… But now that I know the real story, I still think of you as gangsta’-like….


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